THURSDAY September 12, 2019



                               RURAL ADDRESS: 206039 – 96 ST. WEST


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Buyer is Responsible for All Costs Associated With Shipping and Handling.


  • English Quarter or Shelburne Style Landau Carriage.Made by H. Schullenhagen (European); Makers Name on Cast Rear Wheel Hubcaps.Restored ca. 1980 to a Good Standard and Appearance; Maroon and Black Body, Maroon Undercarriage and Wheels.Beige Broadcloth Interior Upholstery, Black Coachmans Seat, Bevelled Glass in Door Windows, Black Leather Folding Tops.Complete w/Pole and (3) Leader Bars, on Solid Rubber Tiring, w/Brakes on Rear Wheels.Has Documentation that Carriage was used in the 200 American Bicentennial from Mt. Vernon, VA to NY.Formerly from the Wm DuPont Collection. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


    English Park Drag Carriage;Made by W.C. Windover, Turrill & Sons of London, England.Restored by Byerstown WoodWorking Shop.Body Maroon and Black;Blue Running Gear w/Black Striping.Blue Broadcloth Interior w/Hat Net.Equipped with Hand Lever and Foot Brakes.Complete w/Imperial Top Box, Wicker Umbrella Basket, Coach Horn & Leather Holder, Jointed Whip and Mount Board, (2) Rear Ice Chests, Glass & Cutlery Trays, Matching Complete Pole & Leader Bars.Formerly from the Wm. DuPont Collection. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.



  • Non-Cutunder Double Seat Surrey Carriage w/Flat Standing Top w/Fringe. Black Broadcloth Upholstery, Patent Leather Fenders and Dash.  Restored;  Body Black, Dark Green Running Gear w/White Striping.  Ratchet Typer Foot Brake w/Potter Style Brake Gear. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Slat Sided Phaeton or Estate Wagon Double Seat Carriage Built by Brewster & Sons Co. NY,  S/N 50215.  Restored in ‘Brewster Green’ w/Straw Yellow Striping.  Full Cutunder w/Fifth Wheel Turning Circle, Wheels on Steel Tiring.  Tan Leatherette Upholstery, Rear Seat Reversible to Face Front or Back.  Equipped with Brakes.  Wicker Umbrella Basket, Side Entry Doors to Rear Seating, Rear Fold Down Footboard.  These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Ladies’ Peters Style Basket Wicker Phaeton w/Grooms Seat, Parasol Top, and Wicker Wheel Guard.  Natural Varnished Wood Finish, Beige Broadcloth Upholster, on Solid Rubber Tiring.  Made by Brewster & Co., NY in 1902, S/N 21489 in Original Unrestored Condition with Exception of newer Parasol Top Covering Material.  Purchased from the F. Ambrose Clark Collection in NY.


  • Side Bar Runabout Top Buggy;  Maker Unknown.  Restored in 1980;  Black Concord Style Body w/Maroon Running Gear and Red Striping.  Grey Upholstery, and has Side Curtains for Top.  Staggered Spoke Wheel Hubs, on Solid Rubber Tiring and has Shafts.. Formerly Owned by Wm. DuPont Sr. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Double Seat Non-Cutunder Surrey Carriage w/Auto Style Extension Top. Auto Style Seats, Black Body w/Maroon Seat Panels, Black Broadcloth Upholstery, Green Running Gear,  Patent Leather Dash and Fenders, Small Side Lamps,, Foot Lever Operated Brakes. Older Restoration, From the Jack Pemberton Collection; Speyside, Ontario. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Ladies’ George IV Style Phaeton Carriage;  Made by Lenny & Co. Croydon 9, Parklane London. (European).  ‘Restored’, Wicker Body, Dash, and Groom’s Seat. Wood Fenders, Medium Blue Woodwork and Metalwork, White Striping, Wheels on Solid Rubber Tiring.


  • Double Seat Vis-a-Vis Carriage; Maker Unknown (European).  Natural Oak Wooden Fenders, Natural Wood Wheels (Possibly stripped of Paint?) on Solid Rubber Tiring, Black Body w/Grey (Primed?) Running Gear.  From the Wm. DuPont Collection


  • European Double Seat Estate Wagon;  Maker Unknown. Black Bode, Black Running Gear w/Red Striping Wooden Fenders, Purple Painted Imitation Canework Body Side Panels, Lamps Missing.  From the Wm. DuPont Collection.


  • European Slat Sided Double Seat Estate Wagon w/Wicker Body Side Panels;  Maker Unknown.  Black Body and Running Gear w/White, Green, and Red Stripping ;  Red Painted Wicker Side Panels.  Metal Fenders appear Original.  Wheels on Solid Rubber Tiring;  Handwheel Screw Typer Braking System.  Henry DuPont Trained with this Vehicle. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Two Wheeled Philippines ‘Calesa’ Cart; a Caleche variation Vehicular type specific to the Philippines.  Body by Rojas Caroceria;  1851 Calamba St. Cor. Antipolo St. Dimasalang MLA Highly Decorated and in Original Condition;  Unusual and Unique Vehicle. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Ox Cart, Two Wheeled (Commonly Known as a Carreta). ‘Fabrica De Carretas’ Joaquin Chaverri; Sarchi, Costa Rica.  Small, Heavily Decorated over Red Painted Base, in Original Condition.


  • Pakistani Two Wheeled “Tonga’ Cart on Solid Rubber Tiring; Flat Standing Top w/Fringe,  Back to Back Seating.  M.M. Rafiqtango Maker; Rawal Pindi.  Unrestored, an Unusual and Unique Vehicle.


  • Tangley Calliaphone, Model KCH 43, S/N 320.  Recently built Wooden Body based on Rectangular Circus Cage Wagon Design;  Body Mounted on Vintage Commercial Wagon Running Gear formerly from a Dominion Dairy Wagon;  newly manufactured Steel Wheels.  Body and Running Gear Painted Red w/Gold Painted Trim and Wood Appliques. Wired in Camera Under Driver Footboard So Player Can See the Horses.  These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Back to Back Two Wheeled Gadabout Cart (Gig variation); made By Fuller of Bristol, England  Good Quality Older Restoration;  Maroon w/Red Striping , Original Leather Fenders and Dash, Maroon Broadcloth Upholstery.


  • Two Wheeled Gig w/Folding Top; made by W.S. Frazier & Co. Aurora, Illinois (cast on steps).  Body in Original Black Paint with Monogram JD in Red on Body Side Panels;  Gear and Wheels in Red Paint (quite old) w/Heavy Line Black Striping.  Wheels on Steel Tiring.


  • Wagonette Bobsleigh w/Flat Standing Top; Maker Unknown.  Black w/Green and Red Striping, Roll Down Side Curtains, Original Upholstery.  Partially Restored; From the J.D. (Jack) Pemberton Collection; Speyside, Ontario.


  • Small Stanhope Gig, Two Wheeled, Made by Brewster & Co., NY. Restored in 1988; Black and Maroon w/Black Striping, Blue Broadcloth Upholstery, Solid Rubber Tiring on Wheels.  Formerly Owned by Wm. DuPont; Montpelier, VA .These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Four Passenger Albany Style Swell Bodied Sleigh;  Purportedly Built by James Goold & Co., Albany NY. Restored; Body in Black w/Gold and Red Striping;  Gear in Black w/Red Striping.  Red Broadcloth Upholster, Dashboard wings’ Red Patent Leather; Eagle Head Ornaments forward of Dash.  Restored by Byerstown Wood Working Shop (Sam Fisher) and Unused since Restoration.


  • Four Passenger Two Seat Handy Style Sleigh; Pony Size, Maker Unknown.  Canadian Regional Vehicle Style, most probably Quebec Built.  Red Painted w/Black Ironwork (Most Probably Original).

    Canadian Jump Seat/Shifting Seat Cutter w/Folding Jump Seat Made by McLaughlin Carriage Co. Ltd. Oshawa, Canada.  Older Repainted Condition; Black body w/Red Gear and Shafts



  • Portland Style Deep Snow Cutter w/Hammill Design Gear (St. Catharines, Ontario).  Black Body w/Yellow Striping, Black Gear, Reupholstered Seat;  Otherwise in Original Condition.


  • Private Road Coach ‘Old Sport’, built in 1907 by Brewster & Co., NY, S/N 25658.  Restored Exterior; Black Body w/Blue Panels, Yellow Pole and Leader Bars, Black Lamps.  Mounting Ladder, lamp or Toeboard Clock Mount Bracket on Toeboard, Original Canework in Interior.  From the Dr. George Cormacks Collection; Caledon, Ontario. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Side Bar Spindle Seat Runabout Buggy w/Arched Axles, and Staggered Spoke Wheel Hubs.  Maker Unknown.  Restored by Byerstown Wood Working Shop ( Sam Fisher).  Dark Blue w/Straw Yellow Striping, Patent Leather Dash, Tan Leatherette Upholstery.  Formerly Owned by Wm. DuPont; Montpelier, VA.


  • Small Winter ‘Caboose’ Enclosed Cutter Sleigh w/Stove.  Original Condition;  Some Damage to Red Painted Gear, Damage to Fabric Body Coverings on both Sides, Body Painted Black.  Maker Unknown but appears to be Shop Built, not a ‘Homebuilt’.


  • Replica Station Omnibus Carriage; Built by Beniot & Fils; Valcourt, Quebec.  Black and Dark Green w/Red Striping.  A Very High Quality Reproduction Vehicle of its Type. These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Small Albany Style Swell Bodied Cutter;  Maker Unknown. Restored Condition;  Green Body w/Gold Striping, Maroon Gear.


  • Peter Style Medium Brougham Carriage;  Made by C.P. Kimball & Co., Chicago, Illinois, S/N 2993.  In Original Condition but Wheels Stripped of Paint.  Original Interior w/Forward Jump Seat, Roller Blind, Beautiful Tufted Upholstery.  Hand Brake Lever, Very Nice Lamps.  Original Splinter Bar Damaged but Present. Used in the AMC TV Show "Hell on Wheels" These Lamps Will Sell Directly After This Carriage.


  • Older Open Band Wagon Body on Heavy Commercial Wagon Running Gear.  Hand Brake Lever, Wooden Brake Blocks on Rear Wheels, Steel Tiring.  White Painted Body w/Yellow Trim, Yellow Running Gear w/Red Painted Wheels w/Yellow Striping.  Lettering on Body Sides reads: Peebles Cornet Band.  Some rot in Body Sides Wood, otherwise appears Quite Sound.  A Purpose Built Vehicle in Traditional open Band Wagon Style/Design, and a Rare Surviving Example of its’ Type.


  • Reproduction Roof Seat Break Open Carriage;  Maker Unknown.  Black Body w/Maroon Side ‘Louver’ Panels, Maroon Running Gear w/Black Striping.  Solid Rubber Tiring, Hydraulic Disc Brakes on Rear Wheels, Tan Bedford Cloth Upholstery.


      Harnesses, Lines:

  • Friedman 4up Complete Coach Harness, from the Dupont Collection. W/ Insignia HduP. 21” Collars
  • 10 pair of riding boots, various sizes
  • Friedman Complete Harness Ted Swendson Had Built. 22” Collars
  • Russett Harness. 19” & 21” Collars. Maker Unknown.
  • (2) Original Wagon Jacks.
  • (2) Harness Rolling Wheel Racks
  • (2) Wicker Baskets
  • Coach Umbrella Case C JC Insignia
  • Large Assortment of Driving Bits
  • Double Driving Set Breast Collar Harness
  • (Like New) Pair of Yankee Britchen Silver Spotted Team Harness, 20” Hames. Complete Less Lines.
  • (Like New) Pair of Silver Spotted Leader Harness, 20” Hames. Maker Unknown. Complete Less Lines.
  • Pair of heavy Draft Full Britchen Spotted Harness. Complete Less Lines. 20” Collars.
  • (2) Sets of Harness
  • Pair of Hames.
  • (Brand New) Spare Britchen 42”
  • (2) Sets of Hames 26”
  • Various Bundles of Traces
  • (4) Pattern Leather Show Collars. 22”.
  • (2) Show Draft Scotch Tops
  • (4) Draft Hames. 20”
  • Pair of Colblentz Adjustable Collars. 18”-20”
  • Assortment of Draft Collars (x6) 20”-24”
  • Weaved Fly Nets
  • Assortment Spread Rings & Drops
  • Incomplete Set of (4) Harnesses Made by Gidden in London. Stamped Insignia.
  • (6) Brand New Rope Halters w/ Lead Ropes.
  • Large Assortment of Miscellaneous Tack.



  • Repro Brass Small Carriage Style Lamp. Incorrect Burner w/ 2 Mounts.


  • 1 Cast Pair Lamp Brackets for Wall w/ Brass Filigree.

  • Newer Black Steel Wall mount Lamp Bracket.

  • Rear Door and Oval Bevelled Glass Lens for Small Carriage Lamp. Parts
  • Pair of Small Black Square Carriage Lamps. 1 Door Missing, 1 Burner Missing. Some Damage to Interior Silvering. Bracket Style, Maker Unknown.

  • Pair of Small Black Square Carriage Lamps. Bracket Style, Some Solder and Straightening Needed, But Quite Complete.

  • Pair of Medium Size Fancy Black & Brass Carriage Lamps, Engraved James McChie Lampmaker Wagga. Socket Stem Mount Type.

  • Small Round Black & Brass Socket Stem Mount Candle Lamp. With Red Bullseye Lens, Possible Tail Lamp But Has Flat Light Steel Bracket.

  • 2 Tapered Glass Carriage Bud Vases.

  • Square Black & Brass Bracket or Stem Socket Mount (Has Both) Tail Lamp & Red Bullseye Lens. Has Top Handle, Candle Lamp. Needs Door Soldered.

  • Large Round Black & Brass Bracket mount Toe board Candle Lamp For Road Coach or Park Drag Carriage. Very Good Condition, RARE!! Convex Lens & Bevelled Edge.

  • Pair of Large Black & Brass Carriage Candle Lamps. Round Lenses. Needs Minor Straightening. Nice Pair of Lamps.

  • Pair of Large Square Black & Brass Carriage Lamps. Bevelled Glass, Some Damage to Stems to Facilitate Electrification. Engraved C.S. Windover & Co. London and Manchester. Socket Stem Mount.

  • Pair of Small Black & Brass Carriage Lamps. Oval Lenses, Candle Lamps, Socket Stem Mount. Good Condition Overall.

  • Pair of Square Small Black Carriage Lamps. Candle, Bracket Mount Style. Top Finials Missing, But Otherwise in Good Condition Overall.

  • Pair of Multi-Sided Brass Lamps. Older & Engraved Bevelled Glass Panes. Had at Some Time been Electrified, Possibly Originally Hearse Lamps. Definitely Old Style Top Finials.

  • Pair of Square Black Small Carriage Lamps. English Style, Quite Complete.

  • Pair of Small Carriage Lamps w/ Oval Fronts, Bracket Style Mounts.

  • 3 Small Square Black Carriage Lamps. Bracket Style Mount. Parts

  • Pair of Small Black Bracket Style Mount Carriage Lamp w/ Oval Fronts. No Burners, But Quite Nice.

  • Pair of Small Black Square Bracket Style Mount Carriage Lamps. Could be Repaired, But Does Need Work.




  • A. Casse, Paris

  • Satchwell & Son, Hatters of London. From the Young Men’s Shop, Washington D.C

  • Scott & Co. Piccadilly W. Made for Collins & Fairbanks, Boston

  • Henry Heath Ltd. Oxford St. London. Made for Burkhardt Bros Co. Cincinnati, Oh. Indianapolis

  • Ulbrich & Kraft Clothing Furnishings. Bloomington, Illinois. Size 7 ¼

  • Young Bros Inc. New York. Boyce & Milwain. Albany, NY. Agents

  • Reeds’ Philadelphia. Grey

  • Rogers Peet Co. New York

  • Christy’s London

  • Moss Bros. Covent Garden. Grey

  • Moss Bros. Covent Garden. Grey




  • Smithbilt Deluxe, Calgary

  • Smithbilt Hats

  • Hippodrome Hatters. Baltimore, MD.

  • Rentze Handcrafters. Grey

  • Moss Bros. Covent Garden. Grey

  • Made in U.S.A. Grey Beaver Hat

  • Moss Bros. Grey

  • Smithbilt Hats

  • Hippodrome Hatters. Baltimore, MD. Grey Beaver

  • X-Large 100% Wool Hat. Made in U.S.A

  • Medium 100% Wool Hat. Made in U.S.A

  • Deluxe Quality Smithbilt Hats, Calgary.

  • (4) New Formally Yours R.F.N. Co. Grey, X-Large Size

  • (4) New Formally Yours R.F.N. Co. Grey, Medium Size.


Derby Hats:

  • New Bailey Black Hat. Size 6 3/4
  •  New Designer Collection. Made in USA. Grey Med.
  • New Stetson Sovereign. Size 7 1/2. Grey.


Hat Boxes:


  • Black Leather Hat Box, w/ Brass Lock Hardware

  • Tan / Brown Leather Hat Box w/ Brass Lock Hardware. Newer Straps. Stamped “ G.STC.P ”

  • Brown Leather Hat Box w/ Red Padded Interior. Strap Missing

  • Black Rectangular Pressboard Hat Box. Dunn & Co. London.

  • Cardboard Brooks Bros. Hat Box. Marked “Chris Addis Beaver Guard’s Hat.“

  • Cardboard Octagonal Stetson Hat Box.

  • Black Dobbs Fifth Avenue Hat Box. Octagonal Cardboard.

  • Round Black Leather Covered Had Box w/ Keys.

  • Black Fiberglass 3 Compartment Hat Box.

  • A. Casse(Vintage) Grey, Carboard Hat Box.




  • 1 Pair of Small Brown Leather Saddle Bags. Vintage Mail Courier Bags.

  • Tan Leather Briefcase, Fold-out Style w/ Farrier Tools.

  • Round Brass Spittoon. Vintage. “Wells Fargo & Co. Overland Stage”

  • Vintage Wicker Umbrella Basket w/ 5 Umbrellas.

  • Jointed Whip on Mount Board. Board is Holly.

  • Vintage Brass Bugle w/ Silver Emblem German Eagle & Swastika.

  • Vintage Brass Early Automobile Horn w/ Black Rubber Squeeze Bulb.

  • Cast Black Bell on Fancy Wall Bracket Mount.

  • Assorted Driving Whips

  • 4 Bell Shaft Mount Sleigh Bells

  • Large Assortment of Brass Sleigh Bells

  • Brass Show Bells

  • Brass Harness Hooks

  • Singer 31-15 Sewing Machine w/ Electric Motor. S/N AF671369

  • Jousting Lance

  • (2) Lighted wood Wood Harness Showcases w/ Harness Hooks

  • Nose Baskets

  • Scotch Tops

  • 5 Gal Stone Jugs

  • Singer 204 Sewing Machine




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Special Consignment:

  • Spindle Seat Cut Under, Ladies Phaeton w/ Hideaway Rumble Seat. Has brand New Wheels & Hubs w/ Rubber. Execellent Original Condition on Body.
  • Austrian Estate Hack. has Crank Handle Brakes & Comes w/ Pole & Shafts. Full 5th Wheel, Rubber on Wheels. Excellent Original Condition.
  • Governess Cart Aquired From What Was Previously the Summer Residence of William Astor Drayton, the Nephew of John J. Astor the 6th of new York. Restored by the Rural Carriage & Buggy Works Linden,Alberta.
  • "The Sociable" 4 Person Vis-a-vis Carriage. Circa 1870 Made by Stocken & Story S.W London. Possibly from the  House of Marlborough, Blenheim Place, Home of Sir Winston Curchill. Restoration Work Done by  the Remmington Carriage Museum in Cardston, AB and Peter Sacher in Saskatoon.
  • Homeade Carriage, Show Ring Ready. Custom Made by Mark Schmidt
  • Kuhnle Dressage Carriage S/N K84896
  • Old Fashioned Courting Carriage. Show Ring Ready




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