Regular Cattle Sale, Sheep & Goat Sale

TUESDAY September 10, 2019


Butcher cattle, Feeders, Yearlings,  Stock Cows

Ring 2 – Dairy Barn – Sale Time 12:00P.M.
Baby Calves, Sheep, Goats, Hogs

Ring 3 - Sale Time – 10:00A.M. – selling Hay and Straw


250 sheep herd liquidation will be occurring; due to a unforeseen very severe medical emergency occurring. Resources and man power are unavailable anymore to keep our herd. Otherwise we would absolutely not be selling them. They are our pride and joy. 


215 Ewes (Total)

   - 75 ewes (Suffolk x Dorset) aged 4 to 8years, pregnant ( only exposed/ haven’t been ultrasound) (due date starting in October)

   - 100 ewes (Suffolk x Dorset) and (SDx Charolais) aged 1-2 years, open

    - 40 yearling lambing (just weaning lambs about now)

All ewes are crossbred mostly ~3/4 Suffolk x 1/4 Dorset. Bred back to a Suffolk or Dorset. But just recently (about the last 2 years got into Charolais bred). Therefore a Suffolk Dorset (dam) x Charolias (sire).

Throughout lambing no or very  very minimal assistance is needed. Majority of ewes had twins, a few singletons and few triplets/quadruplets


3 purebred Suffolk rams

   - 2 long, tall rams from different breeders (3 and 4 years old) was best of crop.

   - 1 English Suffolk ram ( shorter legs)

1 purebred Dorset ram (polled)

1 purebred Charolais ram (2years old- best of 2018)

6 crossbred rams

   - 2 Suffolk(sire) x 3/4 Suffolk 1/4 Dorset (dam)

    - 4 Charolais x Suffolk 

All sheep are negative to disease, kept a very closed herd (females). Bought only males from reputable purebred breeders. All ewes are vaccinated/ boosted yearly with 8 way vaccine